Waiting for Monsoon

Original thought: English

Waiting for Monsoon

We have all done it. Waiting for rains after the torturing weather of the summer, especially in tropical regions.

It makes me wonder, what are we actually waiting for?

Are we waiting for rain?

Are we waiting for a better tomorrow?

Are we waiting for something better?

Are we waiting for hope?

Maybe we are!

What do we need to stay alive? We need hope!

If we observe all our great expectations, we all keep expecting something better.

I am not saying we are not satisfied. Sometimes, even when we are kind of satisfied, we have something inside us telling us to wait for something more.

There are no words that could define “something more.”

It may be anything and anyone.

It may be a better job or simply a better phone.

It may be a better world or merely a better day.

Big or small, the relativity of “good” and the expectation of “better” keep us going somewhere.

We don’t really know where we are going. We tell ourselves that tomorrow would be better.

When tomorrow becomes today, we tell ourselves as the coming tomorrow would be even better.

In the search of “what if” and “something else better than this,” we keep going forward.

Calling whatever comes ahead as better, and then, dismissing it immediately for something even better that would come someday.

Its cyclical and so are we.

We rise and fall! We break and mend! We despair and rejoice!

We are and we are not!

Cheers to the cycle!

Salute to the universe!

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